Operating Levels

Emory operates under two levels of COVID-19 response: standard operating and heightened response. The university reviews, in consultation with a panel of public health experts, a variety of data to inform decision-making for campus operations.

Standard Operating Status

Community members are asked to remain vigilant and follow healthy behaviors. Schools and units and Emory Report will share COVID-19-related information as necessary.

Heightened Response Status

COVID-19 conditions, within the context of the Emory community, warrant more diligent and aligned response efforts from all campus members. Emory Forward emails will alert campus members about operating changes and provide necessary action steps when navigating heightened response modes.

What Risk Indicators Does Emory Consider?

In consultation with public health experts, Emory has identified key indicators to guide decision-making related to campus activity within the context of COVID-19. These indicators include:

  • Manageability of real-time transmission of COVID-19 at Emory and in the surrounding community
  • Rapid diagnostic testing capacity for members of the Emory community with COVID-19 symptoms and identification of their close contacts
  • Robust contact tracing capability
  • Capacity for isolation and quarantine of on-campus students
  • Emory Healthcare and Student Health Services capacity to safely care for patients
  • Availability of the key supplies (like PPE, disinfectants, paper towels, and hand sanitizer) to operate safely
  • The health of staff to maintain university operations

Government mandates and guidance by federal, state, or local officials likewise influence our approach and inform density on our campuses.